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Wo ist Hitler's GraB?
Based on research in the Imperial War Museum archives, London, the multimedia installation Wo ist Hitler's Grab? or Where is Hitler's Grave?addresses a British media sensationalism around the alleged location of Hitler's grave in the late 1990s. A series of banal, contemporary images of these alleged locations: a waste disposal car park in Magdeburg; a children's playground in Berlin captured as film stills hang next to excerpts from a  newspaper article entitled Hitler Turns up in Cardboard Box. The installation addresses the sensitivities and complexities of representing the subject, presented here as the familiar, and why the media presume the population would even care about the location of Hitler's remains. A photograph by the artist of the site of the scaffold at the Tower of London hangs opposite, a location brought to the artist's attention by an advert on a tube train 'Stand Exactly Where Henry VIII's Wives were Beheaded'. Questions of authenticity, whether this is the exact spot, and why the need to stand there resonate with the media's curious spectacle.

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